County Liquor Board Wants to Nix Residency Requirements for Liquor Licenses

The Baltimore Sun had an interesting story last week about how the liquor board of Harford County, Maryland, wants to eliminate the state requirement that every county liquor license application have on it at least one resident of the county.  As stated in the article, it can often be a challenge for a restaurant to identify a resident to serve as the resident agent and, even after one is identified, the operations of the establishment can be dependent on maintaining the relationship with that one individual.  Indeed, it was that very issue that brought the matter to fore in this instance.  [Read the full article here]

These residency requirements have presented particular challenges for my clients in Montgomery County, where many national chains and D.C.-based enterprises are often interested in adding locations.  To be issued a license, however, each of these applicants must identify a Montgomery County resident to join the application and maintain responsibility should the establishment violate local liquor laws.  That is rarely an insurmountable hurdle, but it can be a challenging one, and one that is arguably unnecessary.  Were this requirement eliminated, it could make it much easier to attract restaurants and bars to the County, something local authorities have deemed a priority.