Fees and Packages

Flat Fee Engagements

Because every small business craves predictability in its expenses, including those for legal services, we try to offer our services on a flat fee basis wherever possible.  Among the services we offer for a fixed fee are:

  • Entity formation
  • Lease review and negotiation
  • Operating agreements
  • Business purchase and sale transactions
  • Liquor license applications
  • Trademark searches and registrations

For our restaurant clients we also offer a Restaurant Startup Package, which includes, at a discounted total fee, any combination of these services that are needed to get your restaurant up and running.

The actual fee for any of these services will depend on the specifics of your particular business and legal matter, including the complexity of the issues involved, but once we quote you the fee, it will not change unless you require additional or different services.

General Counsel Packages

All small businesses have legal questions that arise in their operations, but few have the ability to retain a full-time general counsel. Moreover, hourly billing arrangements can make business owners reluctant to pick up the phone or send an email to their lawyer for fear that it will result in an unexpectedly large expense. But what is the point in having a lawyer if you can’t reach out to them to ask a question or address a point of concern?

To address these issues, we offer a limited number of clients our General Counsel Packages, which give these clients access to our principal attorney – Sean Morris – on a regular basis to serve as their business’s primary legal counsel.  These packages start at $600 per month and all offer:

  • Unlimited phone calls
  • Unlimited email communications;
  • Unlimited contract and document review; and
  • Unlimited correspondence with third parties (e.g. demand letters, response to notices, etc.)

We also offer more comprehensive packages to better meet the specific needs of our business clients, including our Restaurant Startup Package, which aims to assist our restaurant clients with everything they need to get open and operational.  If you are interested in creating a General Counsel Package that works for your company, please give us a call or email us to schedule an initial consultation.

Hourly Billing Engagements

We also offer more traditional hourly engagements, for clients who want to ensure they only pay for what they use or for those matters which do not lend themselves readily to a flat fee or package billing arrangement.  For these engagements, however, we always provide the assurance that our rates will not increase for the first twelve months of any such engagement, and that our attorneys will never “run the meter” on you.  We always want to make sure you get value for every dollar you spend.

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