Government Relations and Public Policy

Sean T. Morris’s political and public policy background spans nearly two decades and has provided him with broad experience in studying, analyzing, and advising clients and public officials on the impact of policy, regulatory and domestic political issues.  Sean now puts these skills and insights to work for the Morris Law Firm’s clients to ensure that their interests are represented and voices are heard when state and local officials are considering action that affects their interests.

The government relations and public policy services The Morris Law Firm provides to its clients include:

  • Monitoring and analyzing legislation and regulations
  • Advocating for or against legislation that affects our clients’ business
  • Drafting testimony to be presented at state and local hearings
  • Coordinating meetings between clients and decisionmakers

Sean’s expertise has made him a particularly sought-after authority on matters related to the sale and regulation of alcoholic beverages, and he regularly confers with elected officials and appears before local boards to advocate for clients on such issues.